If you want to include WhitiLive on your own website you are welcome to! Below are the instructions to do so. Note:
You will need to be able to input HTML into your desired page.

If you would to embed the live stream (that autoplays) then use the following code hosted:

<script src="//cdn.jsdelivr.net/clappr/latest/clappr.min.js"></script>
<div id="player" style="width:854px; margin:0 auto;"></div>
   var player = new window.Clappr.Player({
   source: '//api.whitilive.nz/hls/live.stream.m3u8',
   parentId: '#player',
   width: '854',
   height: '480',
   autoPlay: true,
   mute: true,
   // liveui: true,
   poster: '//api.whitilive.nz/snap.jpg',
   watermark: "//api.whitilive.nz/logos/whitilive-128.png",
   watermarkLink: "https://whitilive.nz",
   position: 'bottom-left'

If you would like to display a static image from the camera like our Image Only page, embed this URL:


And lastly if you would like to display an animation of the day like on our Daily Outlook page, then embed the following URL: